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Gary E. Kohtala

Propagation finally smiled upon me. Today I made my first ever contacts
with my recently completed BJ. The first one was with KB5ILL in Louisiana.
He was 599. I received a 559. George was running 100w to my approximately 
5w.  Next up was N0YJ in Kansas. We were 559 both ways. Bert was also
running a BJ. That was my first ever BJ to BJ contact! Same for Bert
as I recollect.  I had to endure loud SSB interference during both contacts
but luckily I was able to tune to the opposite side with a good result.
I did not start making contacts until I hooked up my 4SQRP tuner.
It's amazing how much difference that little black box made once I
got it all tuned up. 

I need to get some more crystal adapters so as to be able to use some
of the other frequencies in my collection. I really like the Cajun
crystal adaptors. That's an innovative concept. The 7030 crystal currently
comes out on 7028.2 and the 7122 is 7120.2. That's pretty far off of
the published frequencies. I'm going to try rubbering the crystals to
get them closer to 7030 and 7122. The wide nature of the receiver does
help to hear some stations that are not exactly on your frequency.
Reminds me of my Novice days when I only had two rocks. I would call long CQ's,
and then slowly tune the entire band for calls. 

Somewhere in the fray I believe I heard a KL1 or KL1G something or other.
Unfortunately the signal faded and SSB monkey chatter took over so I
cannot confirm.

I must congratulate 4SQRP for a very innovative and novel radio kit.
I enjoyed building and troubleshooting this rig. I learned a lot
in the process. I am very appreciative of everyone's efforts. Thanks
for all that you do to keep ham radio interesting. The payoff was after
I made that first contact. Interestingly, I did have an incomplete contact a half hour
or so before the first good ones. I guess my signal was being overwhelmed by
fading so we never got a legitimate two way for the log. That was another
N0 station.

Good luck to all with your BJ 40's. I look forward to making contacts with
you in the future.  Now all we need is the Souper Upper to make the Bayou Jumper
an even better rig. Emoji

Stay safe and warm.

Best regards,

Gary, K7EK

On Sunday, January 24, 2021, 05:39:04 PM EST, Johnny AC0BQ <jomatlock@...> wrote:

Hello Gary
Sorry for your troubles.
After you get the coil moved, look for the oblivious stuff, missed joint, part in the wrong hole etc.

Then run the numbers on the voltage chart in the manual.
I replied with the sub group for bayou jumpers in my email.
Join up with it please.
It’s a sub group of the club.
We can give you one on one help 
Over there.
Johnny ACØBQ 

On Sun, Jan 24, 2021 at 4:27 PM Gary E. Kohtala via <> wrote:

I finished my kit but ran into problems with the receiver. All I get is Brother Stair's AM shortwave
broadcast blasting through. The audio becomes louder as I turn the Attenuator to the right. Regen does
nothing, nor does tuning. I must have goofed somewhere. I am going to remove the toroid and reinstall it
on the bottom vice the top of the board. Although it can go in either location, I found it very difficult
to adjust the turns spacing as installed. So I will step back, take a breath, and reinstall the toroid
on the bottom in a day or so. I've been a ham since 1967 and do not knowingly remember building and/or
using a regen type receiver. Now 54 years later I must digress and learn about them.. :-).

The transmitter on the other hand is quite amazing. It works very well and puts out a whopping signal.
I was quite amazed. I've been jumping between 7030 and 7122 calling CQ's from time to time while listening
on one of my big rigs. I'm getting responses and seeing posts on RBN with great signals, despite horrid
band conditions.

On a more positive note, I did manage to get the prescribed small wooden box at my local Hobby Lobby. It
was the last one. I was unsure whether or not the board would fit so I had to make a second trip with the
board to actually place it into the box. Bingo! Perfect. $9 and some change and I am all set. Now I just
need to get the receiver working.

Question:  Are additional crystal adaptor boards available? If so, from where and how much? I would like
to buy 5-6 more as I have a handful of additional crystals I'd like to use with the BJ 40.

Happy new year, and please stay safe...

Best regards,

Gary, K7EK

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