Re: Bayou Jumper/Paraset Info in CQ Mag. Feb. 2021


Hi Paul Too funny for a shout out but DARN do I ever wish I got that radio from my Grandmother.  I just finished reading "A House in the Mountains" The extraordinary story of four courageous women who helped form the Italian Resistance against the Nazis and the Fascists during the Second World War.

Not a lot of radio stuff in here expect some mentions but this very much explains my grandmothers efforts.

I have heard several times a remark from southern italians made about northern italians  that translates to "they are a bit german"

This refers to the Northerners being cold, stoic and lovers of snow where the south claims to be warm, charming and lovers of the sea.

I heard the same when my friend from Georgia said "well yeah of course Tom is from New York"

Be safe and best we keep college football and italian soccer rivalries  aside we still have to deal with Icom vs Yaesu banters

Stay dry and warm in the ice station

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