Re: Bayou Jumper Power Supply

Paul Goemans

  I know you reposted, but a general comment. Is that “wall wart” an old-school linear supply with a big transformer? If so, it is not regulated, and the “no load” voltage will be WAY over 12 volts! Check that before connecting it!  
Paul Goemans WA9PWP
Stoughton, WI

From: William Fogel
Sent: Wednesday, February 10, 2021 11:06 AM
Subject: [4SQRP] Bayou Jumper Power Supply
My BY jumper will mostly be used in the shack.  I have a 'wall wart" whose output is rated at 12V and 3.5A. Someone said the amperage might not be enough to power the transmitter.  I can't find any information, so I am asking this group.  Can I use it to both receive and transmit? 

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