Re: Questions about Murania radio speaker mounting


There is many different vendors that we get our washers from. There is no constancy in the thickness of the washers. It really does not matter, the only purpose of the washers is to space the speaker off of the board 

Good luck with your build


On Wed, Feb 10, 2021, 4:13 PM Philip Karras via <> wrote:
I found four washers two are 1.25mm thick the other two are 0.75mm thick. All are metal so this will not protect the speaker frame from being connected to the traces in the holes. These holes are grounded.

 1. Are the washers supposed to be two different thicknesses? If so which pair
    goes where? Thicker on top, bottom, left or right sides?
 2. Is the speaker case supposed to be grounded? The instructions say, "...washers between the speaker and the panel to space the speaker from the frame up from the traces that run on the surface..." Metal washers won't stop the speaker from touching the grounded hole traces.
Thanks for any clarification.

tnx es 73 de KE3FL,

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