Re: Insulator for Ground Mounted Vertical Antenna


Suggestions appreciated - some of you have heard my 80 or 160m signal on the verticals - the taller one is still QRV.  don't have suitable trees hence these radiators.  these things have elevated loading coils and are top heavy ...

I see I can get about 4 feet of fiberglass rod for $9.30 - enough for several insulators from  Now I just need to fill my shopping cart to offset the $11.30 shipping - which I think I can do.  I think MFJ charged me a lot more than that when I bought 2 insulators. 

I added on EFHW primarily for 80m SSB - but it wasn't doing 40m so I just shortened it by about 4 feet - so I can be QRV on 40m until the vertical is vertical again -- 

CUL 73 Curt wb8yyy

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