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There's a lot of good reading listed below 

To be added are two books about Nancy Wake, an Australian, Nancy Wake, World War Two's Most Rebellious Spy; and  Nancy Wake.  Also, Madame Fourcade's Secret War, by a well-known and gifted historical writer, Lynne Olson.

In Howard Blum's The Last Goodnight a society lady from Washington, D.C. uses pillow talk from many bedrooms to feed amazing stuff from various countries back to MI6 and the OSS, and much later once sips martinis during a one-on-one with FDR.

Don't miss Bem Macintyre's A Spy among Friends.  Imagine if you will, that a friend you haven't seen for a while telephones you on a Friday.  You invite him to dinner.  He spends that night, and then the whole weekend, during which he empties your liquor cabinet.  A few days later he beds your wife.  A month or so later she files to divorce you and marries him.  That is Englishman Kim Philby, the most prominent spy working for the USSR during the second World.War, now buried as a Soviet hero in Moscow. I've read several books about Philby, including his own biography, but this one is the most engaging. 


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The stories of the courageous people of the resistance in Italy, France and Norway are good reads to help us to see the courage and character of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  It gives me the encouragement to do the good that I ought to do.  
The Bayou Jumper raised my interest in the Paraset radio and the subsequent research led me to these books on the resistance fighters who relied on thes radios.  When we read about what a truly powerful and liberated woman can actually do in difficult situations, we knew that we wanted to build a library about these courageous women for our granddaughter.  We would like her to see what it means to be a liberated woman of character.  
The fact that they used the low power Paraset radio is for Grandpa to enjoy.

Assignment: Spy Oluf Reed Olsen, Norwegian resistance.

I wonder how much impact these books would have on the young women of today. 

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