Re: Newbie Looking for Kit Recommendation

Clark WU4B

Hi, Ken. 

Sounds like you're just starting out on a great hobby: building and operating.  For many of us on this group, there is no finer enjoyment than operating what one has built.  A couple of thoughts:

1) If you've not soldered before, get one of the simplest kits (like the Cricket) to learn.  If you can find a local ham to look over your shoulder while soldering and give some guidance, that would be fine.  Soldering is easy once your get the hang of it.  Although I haven't checked, I'm sure there are lots of YouTube videos on how to solder, and there IS a wrong way to do it.

2)  Johnny mentioned the Cricket as a starter.  I've built the Hilltopper and it is a great radio, but probably not the best first rig to learn on.  The Cricket is fun and easy to cut your teeth on soldering.  Then you could reward yourself with a Hilltopper!  

3)  This group is so helpful when having problems, too, so don't hesitate to ask.  We've all been where you are starting (me: 50 years ago).  

Clark WU4B

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