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RE: Dummy Load Contest 
Back in the 60's, some local Novices got on 80 using Dummy Loads before their Licenses came. One day, another Kid 12 miles away broke in on his Dummy Load.  I found out, that my 8.5 watt input could get Chicago 80 miles away using a 300 watt Bulb with a 100' extention Cord in between. My 2-3 watts out couldn't light it. 

Who remembers the 1:1 SWR Dipole sold around 1980 (MaxCon?) that was just a 50 ohm Resistor with a couple wires attached across the Load? 

7122 could be alive with Dummy Signals across the midwest. Dig out those Pig Rigs :) sure, there's a bunch of the in Drawers or on Shelves, quietly crying from being forgotten. I bet some could even be  easily Sold. 

Like Crafts and Wood Working? How about Lighthouses? Make a Lighthouse Lightbulb Antenna or Dummy Load. A bonus, the Light can light with Modulation Peaks or Key Taps. Use a Clear Bulb. Something like a 4-watt Night Light 💡 or 40-watt Appliance Bulb. 

Perhaps plan on Friday Night, Saturday Night, and Sunday. 
73 de CaseyK KC9IH / WD9GKA Illinois

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