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My QRPometer doesn't seem to have a TP2, at least it isn't mentioned in the calibration instruction: 
Step 8 – Calibration There is one test point on the board, above the TX connector. This is labeled TP-1. Insert a fresh 9v battery into the battery clips, and flip the bottom switch up into the ON position. With a digital voltmeter, measure the voltage between this test point and ground. You may use one of the hardware mounting holes in the corners of the board as a ground point. Adjust the trim pot R33 until this voltage reads 5.00v. 

 Locate a QRP RF power source of 0.5W to 5W power level. Connect this to the TX connector, J1. Flip both switches into the up positions, so that the meter is ON and measuring VSWR. Apply 0.5W to 5W of RF power to the TX connector, and adjust the calibration pot on the back of the LCD meter until the display reads “1.00”. It is IMPORTANT to unkey the transmitter before turning off the QRPometer! The QRPometer is now calibrated! 

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I recently completed this kit
adjustment of TP-1 to 5v is fine. But calculation of power from TP-2v gives 9.5w with KX3 set to 5w. Doesn’t seem right. I adjusted the display anyway, and it fluctuates between 8.5 and 9.5w. 

Any suggestions appreciated. 

Karen AG4CC 

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