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I decided to check to see if you still had that MFJ 1699S mobile antenna.

After I sent you an e-mail about the Cyclone I left to go to a local greasy spoon for supper and while I was grazing on their fine cuisine I got to thinking.  I have been licensed for 39 years (since March 1982) and have always operated with 5 watts or less QRP as a fixed station.  I have never operated mobile (except for a CB in my hot rod during my mis-spent youth in the 1960's, long before I became a ham).

Well, if you still have that MFJ mobile antenna I will buy it and put a mobile QRP station in my car...I only live once, so I just gotta do some QRP/Mobile while I have the chance.

So, let me know about the availability of the antenna.

EuGene Smith, KA5NLY

On Sunday, February 28, 2021, 5:09:40 PM CST, Jess Gypin <ontarget1911@...> wrote:

I have two MD380s and two MMDVM hotspots to sell. Excellent condition and fully functional. Includes one Nextion 3.5 display, SD cards loaded with Pistar. One is in microcase with oled and the other custom card board box 😁with Nextion display. I have other bits and pieces to include as well. $200 gets the whole kit and kabootle. 
I also have  MFJ 1699S multiband stud mount antenna. $50 as well. Buyer pays shipping. 
I have a 4SQRP Cyclone that I bought and didn’t get running. I have some spare parts and documentation. Has two lifted traces from me attempting repairs. Free to good home, you pay shipping. Let me know.

Jess AE0CW

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