Reduction Drive


Most of us have built small rigs with potentiometer/polyvaricon tuning that was horrendously fast and awkward.   I am in such a dilemma with a little homebuilt rig that I love but it's waay too twitchy on the  tuning.   I've been searching around for an answer and think I've found it in a reduction drive tuning knob.  Something like this.      Problem is that it's 3D printed and I dont have the knowledge, or the equipment, to produce one.  So I'm wondering if a member of the Group can produce one for me.  If so, pse contact me via email directly.

I could cut down the tuning range (and still stay centered) with series caps on either side of the polyvaricon, but want to be able to use nearly all of the CW portion of the band (80M) - but more slowly.

TIA, really appreciate any help.

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