Ozarkcon Wacky Keys

Walter - K5EST

Hi All, in a very few short weeks the 2021 presentation of Ozarkcon will be online, via Zoom!

To enter your "Wacky Key" creation it is an easy process. 
1st... take a picture of the key
2nd...make and include a short video ~15 seconds or so will be enough for us to be able to see the key works
3rd.....send an email to   wackykey@...   (this is the file that the judges use for selection)
4th.....I will send you a receipt email to let you know your entry is received.

Rules are pretty simple:
1. You can't use any parts from a "real" key.  
2. You must demonstrate the key or paddle by sending some CW.  We must be able to copy the CW.

Now, I have access to years and years of farm equipment in several barns so a crazier than Cra Cra is easy. Heck, take a look around and there has to be something that wiggles, bends, or has hinges that would make a telegraph key. I made a straight key from a pickup truck tailgate......and it WORKED great!!! It was a bit heavy for a portable HamOut :-)

73, from the Wacky Coordinator,

Walter Dufrain - K5EST - QRPcw

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