Re: 40 and 80 meter CW nets

AG1P Ron

I think you made it into OR John.  I picked up an ITX but not the whole call.

72 - Ron - AG1P


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Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 6:51 PM
Subject: Re: [4SQRP] 40 and 80 meter CW nets


Well at least I heard N4ELM around 7mins into the Net, he gave me a solid 589, not bad for 600+ miles.  No one else though.






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On Mar 17, 2021, at 20:53, Johnny AC0BQ <jomatlock@...> wrote:

Good Evening again


I don't see any lightning close by but I have a strong s5-6 noise level. 

I will call a few rounds at 8:00 pm CDT.

It looks like that will be 01:00 UTC? 


Johnny AC0BQ 






On Wed, Mar 17, 2021 at 7:11 PM Johnny AC0BQ via <> wrote:

Good evening group

We have heavy storms on top of us tonight.

Right now it’s heavy rain with Thunder boomers and Ice mixed in.


I will check the lightning radar closer to net time but it was thundering just a few minutes ago.


So long story short, It doesn’t look good for NCS again tonight.


I will post again before net time.



Johnny ACØBQ 




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