Hilltopper kits -- only 1 remaining

Jim Pruitt

Ladies and gentlemen.

I only have 1 Hilltopper kit left for sale by the group.  Once that single lonely kit is sold I am told that the kit will be
placed on a very long leave of absence.  The kit manager (AC0BQ)
indicated that the Hilltopper will possibly be brought back in a few months for another short run
like this current run.  For that reason I would like to ask that you contact Johnny (AC0BQ)
and let him know if you would like the kit brought back in a few months or if you have no
interest in that kit and think it should be retired.

Almost 350 of this kit have been sold in 3 runs.  I have been the kitter
for the last 2 runs totaling 250 kits so I was not involved in the original offering.

I think the people that make the decision of what 4SQRP kits should be sold
and when they are to be retired would appreciate the input from those that buy those kits
to help them make their decision.

It is also possible to add more bands to the Hilltopper offering such as 80 meters and 17 meters and 15 meters.  
If that is something you would be interested in please let us know.

Please remember that the money above actual cost goes to fund Ozarkcon and the group can't
afford to offer kits that do not sell.  Do you want the Hilltopper to again be offered in the future?  
Do you think the kit has run its course and should be retired?  Would you buy one if it were to be offered again?

The one issue that we will run into is that the Si5351 module is not available and Digikey says
late December despite them saying they still have 97 Adafruit modules in stock with only a 2 week wait for more
and yet they are informing some buyers that they will not be available until December.  The other part is the smt SA612AD
that we pre mount on the board. As you may be aware,  there is an international chip shortage and that may impact
when the kit could be brought back.

Again I would suggest that you let the kit manager know  if you would want a Hilltopper kit and which bands in the future.

Thank you.

Jim Pruitt

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