Re: Souper Upper coming soon!


I agree, I want to thank Jim for updating features on the Bayou Jumper to accommodate the Soup'er Up'er and make installation as simple as possible, without having to cut traces, and providing solder pads for all the necessary connections for the Soup'er Up'er to interface with the Bayou Jumper.

Unfortunately, the current "revB" Bayou Jumper pcb may require the builder to cut one trace if using the Red & Green LED, and the Soup'er Up'er.  But Jim has an update to the Bayou Jumper pcb that will eliminate that on the next run of Bayou Jumper boards.

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On 3/22/2021 10:53 AM, Johnny AC0BQ wrote:
Gm group. 
I am pleased to announce that the Bayou Jumper Souper Upper Kit 
will be released as soon as the parts and boards arrive. 

Thanks goes to David  NA1MH and Jim N5IB for updating the kit. 

Keep an eye on the reflectors for the announcement. 
We don't maintain any waiting list. 

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