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Bob Parr

Right now the picture won't so much good.  I am re-doing the connections for the Sup'er Up'er board with a header and different plugs so I can disconnect and connect each of the three parts independently of each other. 

But basically, I removed TP1 and replaced with a standard single pin male header and also put on on the center hole of one of the ground test loops.  The test loops have 5 holes four on the corners so you can put one loop at the top of the board and one at the bottom, but there is a center hole as well.  I did this so I could disconnect the counter.  And I am glad I did as I think it may be responsible for a 2k frequency drift.  (also why I am setting up the SU to allow testing each component individually.

Ultimately, I plan to use a large Hobby Lobby box and make a partition for the BJ, and another for the crystal spotter and frequency display, and will run the wires through a hole in the partition between them, and power to a 9V regulator.

For now the counter just lays loose next to the BJ.


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I would love to see pictures of what you did.  Thanks

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