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Gary E. Kohtala

I've been using JS8Call since it was in beta and called FT8Call. I'm on
3588, 7110, or 14110 USB when I am on. It's an outstanding tool with lots of features,
plus is robust like FT8.

JS8Call is a rework of WSJTX and its FT8 mode,  but for purposes of having
real conversations, not just hello/goodbye exchange of signal reports &
grid squares. JS8Call allows real communication over great distances with
minimal power/antennas, etc. In my estimation, it is the best radio text messaging
digital package to date.

If you're into digital modes, check out JS8Call. You won't be disappointed.

Best regards,

Gary, K7EK


On Thursday, March 25, 2021, 10:10:53 PM EDT, n0evh <n0evh@...> wrote:

Hey 4State guys and gals,

Anyone interested in a ham radio tool that will allow us to chat on the air and share stuff with each other?

Well the developers of JS8Call have done an amazing job with version 2.2.0 and it may provide a fun way to use radio and technology to stay in touch as a group.

Before you judge this digital mode by its' name alone let me give you a short description so you can decide if you want to experiment.


It is a weak signal digital mode.  I am using 5 watts on 40 meters and chat all over CONUS daily.

It is like PSK providing keyboard to keyboard chat, but easier to use.  Just click on the callsign of interest and type.  No tuning.

It provides several tools for groups of hams to use, including group messaging.  Messages can be dropped off and picked up even if the operator is busy eating lunch!  Messages can be relayed to stations out of reach by an intermediate station automatically.


So what can we do to test it?  Do we need a net or what?  I don't think a net for now.

I would suggest those that want to experiment with JS8Call get your station up and running and get on 7.078 USB digital and find other 4state members like myself.

I leave my station on daily and if not in the shack you can drop off a message for me to read later.  Then we can figure out our next steps.

John N0EVH
Independence, MO

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