Bust Colorado Operation, 26 March 21

w0rw <w0rw1@...>

   "Bust"  is where you go when Pikes Peak (The Mountain) is closed. It is closed for the next few months because of the new Summit House construction. The summit cams are all off line now but you can see the construction time-lapse video here:
Call  w0rw/m, (i don't do any mobile-in-motion CW anymore).
Date: 26 March  2021.
Time: 2000z, (1600 EDT). i will only be on the air for a half hour.
Frequency: 14061, +/- 1 kHz, CW.

Location: Bust, Colorado.
History: "Pikes Peak Gold Rush" See:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pike's_Peak_Gold_Rush.

Elevation:  7500 Feet, But it is in a deep valley (Not a SOTA Site) and is a poor HF radio location.
Weather: Cool  +40F.
Web Cam: http://www.utepasscams.com/highway-24-cascade.html.
   If you can see me in the camera send "QRW" and i will wave.
The camera doesn't always work, Keep trying and i will keep adding quarters.

County: El Paso.
Equipment: PRC319.
Power: 50W.
Antenna: 6 foot center loaded mobile whip
Power source: 28V, 14 LiIon Cells.
Propagation: Poor.
Lots of Power Line noise here.
Hazards: Heavy traffic near by.

QSL: You can make your own QSL with a screen capture or get a Special  Bust QSL with a SASE.

Paul   w0rw/m
Bust, Colorado

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