Re: ISO NUE-PSK modem


Hi Loren,
I have a NUE-PSK modem, with a small keyboard and the FT-817 interface cable. I don't have any idea what a fair price would be.  Similar modems from China are in the $ 180 range, but who knows the quality.

I used this on DXPeditions (Buddies in the Caribbean) and Field Days with great success. I had it upgraded at the factory and it works fine. It has the latest mods and any future software updates are easy via the modem/bootloader.

73 Tom/W4OKW

On Tue, Mar 30, 2021 at 9:33 PM Loren Rasmussen via <> wrote:
Looking for a NUE-PSK modem.
Thank you and 73
Bend, OR

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