Sad news today

John C. Demuth - K8CQA

I got word today (still Thursday in my mind...) that Ben Pfeiffer, KA8LLE, has passed away. Ben loved QRP and introduced me to the 4sqrp group. In recent years, he got his greatest thrills from working rare DX while running QRP; pile-ups were not intimidating to Ben, as he was a true follower of the idea that "It's not the power; it's the SKILL!". Ben lived about 600 feet east of me for 10 years until he moved to a one-floor dwelling in an assisted living facility last August; I guess I should say he was moved, as he went into the hospital from his former home, and came out of the hospital into his new home. Finding things was a bit difficult for a while! We actually date back much farther; shortly after my Novice license expired in 1957, Ben's Dad told my Dad that Ben was looking for a transmitter, so I sold him my Heathkit AT-1. Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know that we have lost a super QRP fan, and a great supporter of 4sqrp as long as he was able to follow the group via his computer.
72/73 de John - K8CQA

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