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Please ignore the smart alecks in the group. I'm sure there are plenty of things they may not know but are too proud to ask.

One think that may not be obvious from the manual is that you can use either the BNC connector for a coax fed antenna or the binding posts if your wire antenna is attached directly to the 4S Tuner. You should choose which ever method is appropriate for your application.

Once the tuner has been built, if you choose binding posts, the black binding post may be connected to your station ground or possibly to a counterpoise wire if you are in a portable situation. The red post connects to your antenna wire. You will probably find some lengths work better than others. I don't want to speculate not knowing what you are trying to accomplish.

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On 4/7/2021 9:09 AM, Doug Dukes wrote:
So on the Tuner Kit.  Can anyone tell me what it is that is supposed to be attached to the Ground and Wire (red and black) connectors on the tuner?   and WHY?


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