Bayou Jumper Spot and RX


Hey, all.

Good group you've got here. I just completed the blue kit, and need to ask about RX alignment, please. I've got an L1 set to the point that I pick up my bench HF radio on about no power and a dummy load, for tuner alignment. At no poi t have I been able to hear my tuner steady RF on a nearby radio just by tuning up and down.  I have to align the tuner instead by transmitting almost no power out of the bench rig to a dummy load, and find that rig's carrier with the Bayou Jumper dial.

That's all fine, except that now I have no spotting feature. When I press the key down, the other HF rig hears the spotter on the stall frequency, but the Bayou Jumper kit does not. The kit TX is fine, and I hear general CW stuff going on.  No setting of the regen knob helps, and, it's  effect per rotation seems to do what the instx call for, being new to a regenerative receiver as I am, that is.

Thank you,


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