Re: Bayou Jumper Spot and RX

Jim, N5IB

Hi Ted,

If you haven't already, join the Bayou Jumper Group at
Lots of discussion specific to the BJ operation, troubleshooting, mods, etc, going on over there.

This current batch of MPF-102 transistors used as the regen detector don't seem to perform as well for the spotting function as the older parts. The "crystal-across-the-antenna" does work but the effect is subtle and the trick is to tune quickly across the crystal frequency. If you tune slow and careful you won't hear it.

The "Ultimate Solution" is

Where on the BJ dial do you hear your HF rig on dummy load?
If the BJ is hearing CW then the detector is oscillating.
Can you tell where on the REGEN dial the detector goes in and out of oscillation?
Have you installed C31 yet?
Are you using a short piece of wire from your station receiver run over close to the BJ?
I find I have to pass that wire right under the PC board (no electrical connection made) to couple a good strong signal into the monitor receiver.

***don't accidentally tap the key of the HF rig while that wire is there... you'll really hurt the BJ's feelings :^))

If you wish, you can post you reply over on the BJ Group. Other builders can profit from the discussion.

Jim, N5IB

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