Re: Portable Antenna Survey

Kelly E

I am a bonafide antenna nut and love to try 'em all. Much depends on the type of portable work you mean... picnic table beside your car?  backpack? hotel or beach site?

However, here's some thoughts:
1.  I now consider a jumper dipole my main antenna. Have setup for 40-30-20m on one and 17-15-10m on a second one.  Open or close jumpers to change band.  Pro's: no tuner needed; lightweight  Con's: coax is heavier; need some height for best results  I launch high as I can with a slingshot-1 1/2 oz sinker and archery reel on a stake in the ground with Ripcord SI line from Cabela's to slide thru our pine trees sticky sap and bark.
2. Jumper Dipole or its cousin the End Fed Half Wave
3. 66 ft for the 40m version, less for the higher band side.

That said, I really like to use delta loops and open feed line too. They can be a bit quieter at times and set up fairly easily.

Enjoy the fun out there...
Kelly K4UPG

On 6/28/2013 11:05 AM, Joe KF0XV wrote:

I'd like to hear from "Portable QRP'ers" on the subject of Antennas used out in the field.

1. What Antenna you use?
2. What Antenna works best for you?
3. Dimensions of that Antenna?

I'm just getting started in portable op's and want real world experience info.

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