OzarkCon 2021


All the Presentations were "Great" !

Presentations aside, I want to recognize the effort of those that put together this ZOOM event for OzarkCon.

Some might call it a compromise, but as far as I am concerned there was nothing about this year's (2021) OzarkCon that was compromised or disappointing. Certainly nothing that can’t be dealt with in the future as more experience is gained.

In the most recent years of OzarkCon Branson, we had grown to, or near, the capacity of the event venue and I heard it mentioned OzarkCon was becoming a victim to it's own success.

ZOOM, or some other equivalent (or better) method seems to be a wonderful method for expanding beyond physical limitations of some venues, and certainly allows those unable to physically attend the oppurtunity to participate in OzarkCon. Not to mention, if all the prestations were pre-recorded it would be a wonderful resource for reviewing each of them on the 4SQRP/OzarkCon website at a later date.

Another greatness about the prerecorded ZOOM presentations is, all the power point presentations will have the audio with them and have much more meaning that a PPT alone that are commonly found on the internet.

Back to where I was going with this. I want to give special recognition to all those that must have put in many hours making this ‘virtual’ OzarkCon a FABULOUS event. You have my thanks and my respect for your effort.

Besides all that, the refrigerator and restroom were only steps away ! !

David Martin - NA1MH - Mountain Home, Ar. -----------------------------------------
Wherever I go, there He is.

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