Re: Portable Antenna Survey

Scotty Long <nu0s@...>

Buddipole with or without military whips and 12 foot mast works great. Very portable and easy to set up. I use it mostly in a vertical configuration with counterpoise wire.
I also carry a long wire with a 4-1 and 1-1 LDG baluns and MFJ tuner as well for quick operations...and back up...
I also all in the same go bag have a W3EDP wire antenna. Not used yet as the fist two work great...back up for the back up...


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Joe KF0XV wrote:


I'd like to hear from "Portable QRP'ers" on the subject of Antennas used out in the field.

1. What Antenna you use?
2. What Antenna works best for you?
3. Dimensions of that Antenna?

I'm just getting started in portable op's and want real world experience info.

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