Re: Ozarkcon -Thank You

John C. Demuth - K8CQA

I really appreciated the on-line Ozarkcon.  I've wanted to attend for some years, but at first work obligations - then my wife's rapidly declining health - and now my own difficulties getting around - made travel and staying difficult if not impossible.  This year I was able to take it all in!  Thanks to all involved.

Re: prizes:  It would really be nice if each prize recipient would take the time to write a nice thank-you note to the prize donor; that might help ensure future cooperation from that donor.

Thanks again to all involved!
John - K8CQA - 4SQRP # 278

On Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 4:51 PM Jg <jgoodsell@...> wrote:
Thank you to the volunteers of 4SQRP for a great virtual conference, as already stated by many others.

Being on the west coast with a marginal antenna I don’t get to participate much.   Haven’t had a successful net check-in yet.  Gary, KF7WNS, in Oregon is normally my only SSS contact.  So it was nice to ‘be at’ Ozarkcon for bit of participation.

Thank you especially to 4SQRP and the St. Luis QRP Society for the 4S Antenna Tuner/Coupler I was lucky enough to win! What a surprise to see my call on the list. Perhaps it wasn’t luck. I believe that’s the highest prize/Attendee ratio I’ve ever seen. 1/1?  Lots of generous supporters! Thank you to all.

John K6WS

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