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Scotty Long <nu0s@...>

Yep it loads up fine but I have yet to actually use it; my dummy load loads up great as well so we will see... can't be any worse than the random wire antenna...


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Bill Cromwell wrote:


On 06/28/2013 11:19 AM, Scotty Long wrote:
> Buddipole with or without military whips and 12 foot mast works great.
> Very portable and easy to set up. I use it mostly in a vertical
> configuration with counterpoise wire.
> I also carry a long wire with a 4-1 and 1-1 LDG baluns and MFJ tuner
> as well for quick operations...and back up...
> I also all in the same go bag have a W3EDP wire antenna. Not used yet
> as the fist two work great...back up for the back up...
> Scotty/NU0S
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Hi Scotty,

You better make yourself an opportunity to check out that backup for the
backup antenna. One of my daughters married Murphy and if you don't
check it out then the Murph will get you when you need that antenna
most. Good to find out what it needs right in your own back yard instead
of late evening at the state park!


Bill KU8H

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