QRPp Question

Sam Neal


I picked up a mint condition Lafayette Radio 6/2 meter VFO, with output between 8.000 and about 8.500 mHz.  ( Fed through frequency multiplier stages to get to 50 or 144 MHz ) Stability is pretty good considering it is 50 years or so old.

I then added some turns to the l/c circuit/tank circuit and brought the output frequency down to 7 mHz.  I hooked the output of the VFO ( high impedance ) into my new toy, a factory built/calibrated Oak Hills Research WM-2 ( 50 Ohms ) which indicated an output of .5 milliWatt. Is this along the same output levels as a Heath-Kit VF-1? Sounds kinda low.  Then, there is the impedance  mis-match. Also, haven't tried it hooked to my Heath-Kit DX-20 yet.

I am thinking about hooking it backwards into the wire antenna output terminal ( high impedance ) of a MFJ antenna tuner and hooking the " input " coax connector to the antenna which is a dipole and trying it as a QRPp transmitter.

" Inquiring minds want to know! "


Sam Neal  N5AF

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