4S Tuner Build Queston


First, another thank you to 4S QRP and to SLQRPS (Prize Donor) for the 4sTuner prize from OzarkCon 2021.  Very nice.
A simple kit to build. And yet....

One of the simplest tasks should be to attach the two BNC Connectors to the board. The two contained in the kit are different that those in the manual's photos, on the 4s QRP site, or on the web.

The grounding / mounting tabs are flat, not round and there is a square-ish housing at the back end. The PCB has only two pads/through holes, not three, to which the mounts can be soldered (not counting the pad for the center pin conductor). The flat tabs do not readily fit into the holes on the PCP.  If they did fit, the foremost mount and the square part of the housing extend beyond the front edge of the BCB board so that the front panel or side piece that is notched for the BNC's looks like it might have gap between it and top(front panel). If I were to bend the mounting tabs flat, like feet, it still protrudes too far in front of the PCB to mount the front or top side of the case. I could slide t back in this case but, there would be less solder pad to attach to making a weaker connection.

So, before I go to a bigger hammer and make it work (or see if I can order a different style), has anyone else had the issue or have a solution? Or Just press (hard) the parts in place and it will all line up in the end? I've searched the messages and not found this discussed so I assume I'm missing something obvious or just not trusting (or understanding) the instructions.

I didn't see a subgroup for this question.  The link on the 4s Tuner page goes to the non-existent Yahoo Groups 4s Tuner page.

Thank you for any assistance.  

John K6WS

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