Re: Wednesday night CW Nets


There is little in the way of protocol.  It would be a more orderly proceeding if there were. 

Wayne, NQØRP, was the NCS several years ago.  I proposed a protocol that he adopted and it worked well, with a procedure that started with the CQ, announced the name and brief description of the net.  These were followed by QNI?, acknowledgement to the callers, ONE BY ONE; then for each a PSE AS, an insert of QSP when appropriate, and finally the net closing.

Basically this protocol initially established as complete a list of the QNIs as possible.  And ONLY THEN were the QNIs, one by one, invited to transmit.

The New England QRP Net meets Thursdays at 8:30 ET on 3,566 kHz.  NCS Chuck, K1CL, follows it. The net runs smoothly.

A couple of years ago I sent the procedure previously supplied to NQØRP to Johnny, ACØBQ, but thus far he has not used any parts of it.


Charles (aka Chas), W2SH 

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Is there a protocol for the net? I have not figured it out. 
Karen AG4CC 

Charles Moizeau, W2SH

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