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Jerry Haigwood <jerry@...>

Hi Chris,
What you say below was true but, the USPS does now have tracking. For
example, I recently ordered a power supply from a company in New Jersey. I
was able to track the package to my door step. The Postal Service actually
delivered the package 1 day early.
Jerry W5JH
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Um, a comment from the peanut gallery.

USPS Priority mail has "delivery confirmation".
It is not a tracking number.

They don't lose things very often, but when they do they will tell you that
there is no tracking as the item moves through their system. If it is never
delivered then the "delivery confirmation"
is worthless.

I've had that happen. They actually went to a lot of effort to try to find
my lost package.
But it was the same as if it were just a dumb package.

Delivery confirmation is useful in being able to discern if the customer is
lying or if the package really got lost. That it will do.

sorry, bit of a rant...


On 6/26/2013 10:26 PM, WA0ITP wrote:

HI Todd, Thanx for asking.

The original price was $62 including shipping. Due to component cost
increases we'll probably have to fix the new kit's price at approx $60,
maybe a bit more, plus shipping. The reason I'm not firm on the price is
that we haven't purchased components or boards for the SS-40 in some time,
and costs have increased, some considerably. We always try to contain the
costs as much as possible however.

DX shipping in particular has skyrocked, so we feel we have to break out
shipping costs separately. We'll be using Priority mail since it provides
a tracking number.

Thanx again and hope this helps.

Real radios weigh less than a pound.
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72 WA0ITP <>

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Hey, Terry! Could you give us a ballpark guess on the kit price before
we answer the survey? I might want one, but only if the price was right.


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I've placed a survey on the SS-40 home page. This is an attempt
to try to determine interest in another run of SS-40 kits. Its not very
fancy, but serviceable. Please check it out.

If you missed out on the last run, and would order one if they
were available again, please select "Yes". If there is sufficient interest
we will have another run, if not the kit will be retired. Thank you for
your participation.
Real radios weigh less than a pound.
I love this radio stuff !
72 WA0ITP <> <>


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