Re: Tuner LEDs

Bob Parr

THe following was reported by W3BNO.  I plan to do this, but have not gotten around to trying yet.

" I solved by connecting a 5k trim pot across the red led. With the tuner feeding a 50 ohm dummy load and adjusted for maximum dimming of the red led, I adjusted the pot until the led just extinguished."

Good luck and let us know if it works for you.


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I did a search and did not come up with the results I was looking for on this topic.  

Was there a final solution/fix for both LED's on the tuner being at full brightness when the antenna is tuned?  I remember something to do with putting in a POT?  Was that the answer?  If so, can I get the information on that?

I enjoy the tuner and use it regularly.   Stay safe, Bryan KJ7PRS

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