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Karen, thanks for the QNI last night.  As for protocol...well, Johnny has a better grip on that than do I.  Last night I did not hear anyone calling or picking up the net so I grabbed it and ran.with it.

The 4S net is what I consider a "comfortable" net, ie no ridged format.  Usually only a handful of check-ins; those providing RST and maybe a bit more from time to time.  I see it as a place/time to practice CW, follow minimum protocol, and a  place to acknowledge regular and new check-ins.  COMFORTABLE being a key word. hi hi

If you're looking for protocol try the Tennessee State CW Net.3.562 Mhz, 1900 local M-S. It is a NTS net with protocol.   For more info on Tennessee nets:  Home (

Again thanks for the QNI last evening...and I wonder if you were using the new IC-705???

73 de n4mj//glenn

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Is there a protocol for the net? I have not figured it out. 
Karen AG4CC 

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