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James Rodenkirch

Subscribing to the conventional "thinking" that more wire in the air is mo betta, Joe, I employ End Fed Half Wave antennas.
I use a Jacktite 31' collapsible mast to erect EFHWs for the bands needed - usually hang three antennas for 15, 20 and 30 meters when operating /p for a SOTA 'expedition' and then connect the specific one to a KI6J EFHW antenna tuner (the tuner will tune/match an EFHW from 40 through 15). 
I do operate on 40 meters, occasionally - I erect that band EFHW in an inverted Vee configuration, feeding one end with the KI6J tuner.


Regardless of the band I use a 3' counterpoise wire for the "ground end connection" at the tuner but know of several ops who simply mount the tuner as close to the antenna end as possible and then mount their /p rig within inches of the tuner so that no counterpoise is necessary - they utilize the ground side of the coaxial cabling to provide a counterpoise.  I rely on a short counterpoise wire 'cuz I employ a /p rig that is larger (e.g., a K1) than an MTR or ATS rig.  In any event - lots of wire for the band of operation works well!  I've been on numerous SOTA activations from southern Utah summits and work in to EU countries routinely on 15/20 and 30 with that set up.


72, Jim Rodenkirch

On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 10:05 AM, Joe KF0XV <joekf0xv@...> wrote:

I'd like to hear from "Portable QRP'ers" on the subject of Antennas used out in the field.

1. What Antenna you use?
2. What Antenna works best for you?
3. Dimensions of that Antenna?

I'm just getting started in portable op's and want real world experience info.

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