Unbuilt 4SQRP Kits

Jerry Fay

I am going through the process of preparing for possible relocation.  That has led to reviewing a number of boxes that came from a previous move that had not been opened. I found the following unbuilt kits from 4SQRP and do see an opportunity to build them.  I do not wish to parcel them out so if someone is willing to buy the lot at my cost of $160 I will pay to ship them to you.

Four State Dummy Load SMD Starter Kit ($7.00)

K8IQY Magic Box TR Switching System ($44.00)

K8IQY SS-40 Stable and Sensitive 40M Receiver  ($50.00)

K8IQY SAVXO Stand Alone VXO ($24.00)

KD1JV Tenna Dipper ($35.00)

 I also have a built NS-40 Class E Transmitter that I will throw in if you want it.


Please email me through @arrl.net  if interested.
Jerry, WU1U

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