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I think it's time to put this topic to rest.
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* On 2021 07 May 09:44 -0500, w9ran wrote:
On 5/7/2021 6:59 AM, Nate Bargmann wrote:
As I recall, the facility my dad is in has such keypads and they
emit a confirmation tone, but it's the same tone for all buttons.
Exactly.   There may have been security keypads that once used DTMF
but I can't imagine any reason for doing so today with digital security
The tone is just to confirm that you've entered a digit since the
keypads provide little if any tactile feedback.
That has been my observation. DTMF could be used internally but it's not

The most plausible explanation is someone either gave him the door
code or he watched someone enter it on the keypad, which in my mom's
facility is within easy view and where at one time the code was
written on a post-it note nearby!
That is my thought, that he watched the finger motions. It's not hard to
observe as most of the codes are probably four digits, at least the ones in
the facilities I've visited.

Humorous aside, years back when my mom was in the same facility my brother
and I were going to leave and had forgotten the code and some of the
residents were nearby and they told us the code without asking! It was a
bit unnerving.

The funny part is that the "Morse Code" story was swallowed hook line
and sinker by what passes for "journalists" today.   I applaud the
fellow for having what obviously turned out to be a good cover story!
Agreed. However, it's hard to fault journalists when many hams, who one
might think are more technologically informed, also swallowed it hook line
and sinker.


72, Nate


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