Re: Problem with Tuner Kit but no help here

John - KK4ITX


If you followed the manual exactly you probably have the LED colors reversed....... see the addendum.  The schematic is correct but the Assembly Manual text has them reversed.

If they are correctly placed the inspect the diode in the Red LED area and check the 2N3906 at Q2 for correct wiring.

Other possible issues with the Pittsburgh style that I have had is bad solder joints.  Not so many components to check out.



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On May 18, 2021, at 00:21, PeteWK8S via <pmeier@...> wrote:

Would like to make this kit work. RED LED stays lit during tuning process and never goes out even with 1:1 load such as dummy load.

Can anyone offer some help here?

Pete WK8S

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