Re: Mobile and home antenna?

John - KK4ITX


Been there and still there !  I was a Full Time RVer wintering in an HOA in Florida and traveling in the summer before Ham Radio entered my life..  I have found the most versatile setup is a 9:1 UnUn or any EFHW and it’s certainly the cheapest.  Using a “crappie” fish pole 20-30 ft allows for some very easy and creative setups.  QRP Guys has several EFHW kits that have worked very well for me.  Simply change the wire for your desired frequency or sometimes I just use the 40m wire and let the tuner handle the rest.

I have and still use a Wolf River Coil and it works quite good with a 8ft antenna but manual tuning has to be done at the antenna.  I also have an antenna matcher from Alpha Antenna that usually tunes from your radio or tuner for most bands fro 80-6, it is somewhat pricey but it works well.

I am currently experimenting with a homemade loop and that shows promise especially for portable use, next week I will be using/testing it on Wells, ME Beach.

I guess the real thing is to try several approaches and use the one OR two or more that works for you.  When I travel I carry 4-6 antennas with me because not all locations can use the same antenna except the loop which is not as efficient as most other options.

Fun stuff antennas, enjoy and if you don’t have a 4S tuner this would be a great time.


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