Antenna project parts

Jim, N5IB

I was in the garden center at the local Lowes store yesterday and noticed some interesting possibilities for antenna projects in the bin of tree and tomato stakes.
This one in particular looked useful:,eto:15024779348756971889_0,local:1,prmr:2&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj36bD4lJfxAhVGgK0KHedFA3gQ9pwGCAU

It was in a mismarked bin, but I found the above link, and looks like the price would be $10
6 ft long by 7/8" solid fiberglass rod - great for a boom for a small VHF/UHF beam.

And don't overlook the $2.25 fiberglass driveway markers at the other Big Box

I made a nice collapsible/portable 6m Moxon with four of those

Jim, N5IB

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