SSS Results

John Lonigro

Well, we have mixed results for June.  The bad news is there were only 7 participants, and only one had double digit QSO points.  Not a very good showing.

The good news is we had two new participants for June: James (K5JFB) from Fort Worth, TX, and Karen (AG4CC) from Memphis, TN.  Welcome to James and Karen.  If they hadn't joined in, there would have been only 5 participants!  Maybe everyone is resting up for Field Day in a couple weeks.  Let's hope the July SSS is better attended and we can show James and Karen how much fun it can be when 10-15 people compete.

The winner for June is Carl (WB0CFF) with 10 QSO points. Congratulations Carl.  You will receive your June certificate shortly.  Carl is also in the lead for the year, as we reach the halfway point.  He has a cumulative score of 90 points, followed by Glenn (N4MJ) with 55 points and Chas (W2SH) with 51 points.  It's obvious one key to having a good cumulative score is participating every month.  None of these three has missed a month.  Nobody else can claim that.

Let's hope the showing is better for July.

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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