RMRC - 2 July

Dale Putnam

We had a fun net with W3HZZ - Phil checking in twice with two different rigs.. but the QSB attacked both times... go figure. KE6OIO - is doing well with the garden, but doesn't care for the radishes so much, and that seems to be the only thing that grows in mine.  Go figure.
KF5JK - John from Beaumont, Tx, checked in, after trying other NAQCC nets, he found this one, and we're glad he found us. But the QSB was indiscriminent, and attacked him too. Go Figure.
With W3HZZ, KE6OIO, and KF5JK on Tuesday, we will be looking for more folks tomorrow.
Yes, even tho it is the 4th, and I may be BBQing... well.. I may be attending to the ribs that are BBQing... we will have a net... I'm pretty sure my fingers won't be so slick from the ribs to cause problems... that won't be my excuse this time.  I've already used the rf in the shack excuse...
I guess I'll just have to go figure something else.
  Maybe a different time of day would be helpful in combatting the QSB....
I'm open to suggestions, and will certainly take them all into consideration.
Time and Day????
We will meet tomorrow, the 4th.. on 14.0625 look up if busy, at 2045z or 2:45pm MDT.
C U then,  And Have a Happy and Safe Fourth.. remember what it is a holiday for!!

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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