Re: 40 Meter Net QRT

Johnny AC0BQ

Alright Don
Will be looking forward to it.
The little boomer decide to park right on top of me and open up.
The rain is ok, but we had lightning on and off all day!
Johnny ACØBQ 

On Wed, Jun 30, 2021 at 8:30 PM W6BOW via <> wrote:
Glad you're ok Johnny. 

You and most of the participants come in better when I listen in using the Northern Utah Websdr than the K3FEF WebSDR in PA.

I'm out in SF and can not copy the net without fudging with the web.

We will be cross-country road-tripping in August and hope to join in the net portable from Nashville (8/18) or near Yellowstone Park (8/25).

Thanks for all your good work OM.


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Sorry about the QRT, s pop up t storm just set up right on top of me. 
I hope it's gone by 8:00 for the 80 meter net. 
Johnny AC0BQ



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