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Jeff Logullo N0̸MII

If you live in range of a DMR repeater that allows access to “user activated” Brandmeister talk groups, then a DMR radio is all you need. If not, then you can also use a “hot spot” which you can think of as your link to the DMR system. The hot spot uses a WiFi link to the Internet to connect you to the DMR system… in the same way that repeaters are linked. 

So: a DMR radio, plus either a DMR repeater in range, or your own hot spot, and you’ve got what you need. 

This site is a great introduction… and the site has a lot of details to help you get started if you take the plunge:

Also see the web page of the Nixa ARC:

Look for links to a preso by Chuck Kraly K0XM. 

And finally, you will need some patience, and a sense of humor. Both really help as you’re getting started with DMR — trust me :-)

One last note: 4SQRP has a subgroup. If you want to discuss further or need help getting started, this is the place to be!

Jeff N0̸MII 

On Jul 1, 2021, at 11:06 PM, wb6ogd <garywinblad@...> wrote:

Yeah, sort of.
I admit, I am an old codger, I had no idea
what you guys were talking about either.
But, always interested in learning, I have 
been googling.
How about a 20 thousand  foot overview 
for us dummies?
It looks like you can buy a $50 handy talkie,
log into a local repeater and digitally 
connect to your net… or do you just get
connected via the web?

Jeff N0̷MII
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