Re: Cycle 25 and QRP experiences so far?


Well, Cycle 25 or not, it seems like the days where there has been an increased SFI it has been accompanied by higher A and K indices so the end result has not been improved too much.

It's still a lot of fun. I enjoy working someone a hundred miles away as I do contacting the other side of the country.


On 7/4/2021 3:20 PM, Curt via wrote:
Cycle 25 is evidently underway, but for me so far the results have been pretty mediocre.  Using a variety of radios ( BJ40, 5W-30, HT-20, K1 ) on 20,30,40 using wire antennas,  have yet to get beyond the US.  During minimum in Fall of 2019, had no difficulty working Asia and Europe with QRP.  The bands seem poor compared to my experiences during Cycle 24.  I realize we are just entering Cycle 25.

What are other experiences so far running QRP?

72, Curt KB5JO

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