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Thanks for the wonderful story. Baker Beach near the 25th Avenue entrance to the Presidio is on my list of portable sites for preparing for a cross-country road-trip we will be making in August. Hopefully I'll be joining in on the 4SQRP Wednesday net  running my NS-40.

Here are some pics of GG Park I've taken recently.

The park has been the perfect spot for me to rehab following hip surgery last year with the added benefit of being my place to escape the horrendous QRN level at the home QTH! The price we urban hams pay for living in an increasingly wired and wireless world.

All best to you and your wife (N6DXW). (I guess "YL", and "XYL" have become terms of the past in these more enlightened times? That's ok with me.) 


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30 years ago my wife (N6DXW) and I lived at 1411A Washington Blvd on the
southwest bluff of  the Presidio of San Francisco while I had duty at 
Letterman Army Med Center. My antenna ws a 3-L Cushcraft trap Yagi on a short tower. With a view of Sea Cliffs neighborhood and the Pacific, it was quite the DX site. I can remember working the entire Pacific rim at dusk from Alaska, Japan, Australia and Easter Island at dusk with all signals over S-9 one memorable evening.


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Band conditions they are a'changin' me thinks.

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