Six meters open

Charlie Vest

A nice opening today on 6 meters into Northeast OK. Have worked one station using a squalo and another using an EDZ . I am using my G5RV . Better opening into here today than yesterday .

Perhaps I will work on my 6 meter antennas this weekend to work on VUCC and to finish up WAS on 6 . Two of the 4 remaining states that I need are Arkansas and Nebraska !! Go figure , the close in ones :) Have had Hawaii and Alaska in the log for several years . ( Both worked with 10 watts into a 5 element Cushcraft at 15 feet !! )

Perhaps if I can get some decent antennas operating again , someone on this group can run a schedule with me for NE and AR .

If you have a rig that covers 6 meters , fire it up on whatever antenna will load up for you on 6 and join the fun on the "Magic Band." You just might get hooked and have a new antenna project to keep you busy .

73 ,

Charlie , W5COV

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