Re: FOXHUNT - 20M Summer Season opener

Johnny AC0BQ

I sure wish I wasn't out town next 2 weeks.....just Love hunting FOX!
have fun guys cu when I get back from Boston Ma.
Johnny AC0BQ

On Jul 6, 2013, at 8:03, Dale Putnam <daleputnam@...> wrote:


07/11/2013 1 K4FB Paul FL 2 N9NE Todd WI
Here are the first two FOXii up for skinning... in the Summer Season of FOXHUNTs
This very next Thursday (local),  starting promptly at 0100z (Fri - GMT) or 7 pm MDT, +/- 10KHz from 14.060,
these two skilled, sly, swift foxii, will be emerging from their dens, and it will be up to you to find and grab
a pelt (qso) from each of them. There will be only two, and the following week a different two, continueing for
the entire summer season. 10 weeks, each Thursday. So dust off that qrp gear, oil up them keys, and lets get to it.
Take a look to the sky, to the last thing your shot will touch, until it smacks a FOXii, hopefully deadon. We have only
  Whew, it has been a long dry summer, my FOX withdrawl was getting unmanageable... how about you?
See you in the pack of hounds... and good luck to all and to all a good hunt.

Have a great season,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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