40/20 meter trap dipole Coil Forms & insulators

Jim Sheldon

As promised, here is a ZIP file of the Fusion 360 design files and the .stl. 3D printable files for the 40/80 trap dipole end/trap insulators, trap coil forms (Wind with 15 turns of #20 enameled wire) and the parallel capacitor should be a 1KV Mica cap of 27 pF -- Look up the wire lengths for the antenna as it will vary for each individual's chosen frequency so not indicating it here.  Obviously will require pruning anyway as nobody has the same conditions for their installation. 

This is designed primarily as a portable dipole/doublet/inverted Vee to take on SOTA, POTA and other outings but depending on the material you print it with, it could have use in semi-permanent installations. 

Rudimentary printing instructions are contained in a text file within the ZIP archive.

Jim Sheldon, W0EB

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