Re: HI-PER-MITE in depth review


Thanx Ray,

I think Walter knows the guy who posted that study. Interesting to see how
great it is at 75 wpm isnt it. I use mine a lot, but can't even carry on a
conversation with myself at 15 wpm. So you're still way ahead of me.

Thank for the post.

Real radios weigh less than a pound.
I love this radio stuff !

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|I just ran across this on a high speed CW guys blog.
| Thought it might be of interest to the group. Why was I on a QRQ web site?
Who knows - I certainly do not qualify :-( Once upon a time i could copy about
30 wpm and carry on a local conversation at the same time. Today 20 is a
struggle with full concentration. So much for our "golden years"...
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